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Child Custody

Arkansas Lawyers Work to Set Appropriate Child Custody Terms

Family attorneys in Russellville and Little Rock assist parents

In any divorce that involves minor children, custody arrangements must be the parents’ primary concern. The Russellville attorneys at the Sanford Law Firm advise Arkansas parents on custody issues that arise when marriages or other relationships end. Our personal approach to representing clients enables us to find solutions that are truly in their best interests and those of their children. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, we understand the impact that appropriate custody and visitation terms can have on your children’s future.

Knowledgeable counselors seek arrangements that benefit young people

Whether you are going through a divorce or were never married to the person with whom you share a child, our family law attorneys can help apply the law to your situation. We make sure that you understand the rules relating to:

  • Joint vs. sole custody — If an agreement cannot be worked out, a judge must determine how legal and physical custody will be treated. In joint legal and physical custody, parents share decision-making authority and responsibility for housing the child. Sole custody exists when one parent has full legal control over important decisions and provides the child’s primary residence. In other cases, parents might share legal custody while one parent has sole physical custody.
  • Factors — Courts are bound to make decisions that are in the best interests of the child. Of course, this can be a highly subjective determination. Deciding factors include the environment within each parent’s home, how work schedules would affect the child’s daily routine, and the child’s preference when they are mature enough to make a thoughtful choice.
  • Relocation — Changes in family and work circumstances might prompt a custodial parent to seek a move with the child they share with their ex-spouse. Whether you are looking to relocate or attempting to keep your child close to you, we will assert your parental rights.

Our firm is committed to helping parents maintain strong bonds with their children whenever possible, so we negotiate comprehensive parenting plans that govern issues such as visitation, holidays and transportation.

Accomplished firm handles cases involving grandparents’ rights

In situations where the parents of a child break up, grandparents have rights under Arkansas law to seek visitation with their grandchildren. It can be a difficult legal hurdle, so we build the strongest possible case to show that a close relationship already exists and that an order establishing the grandparents’ rights is in the best interest of their grandchildren. Our firm also handles matters where grandparents seek custody of grandchildren in cases where parents are not available or fit to raise their children.

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The Sanford Law Firm assists Arkansas parents with a full range of child custody matters, including modification and enforcement actions. Please call 479-880-0088 or contact us online to make an appointment at our Russellville office or our Little Rock location.

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