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Child Support

Experienced Russellville Attorneys Litigate Child Support Matters

Arkansas family law firm helps to secure fair terms for parents

Whether they are married or not, parents have a legal and moral responsibility to meet the financial needs of their minor children. When parents no longer live together, the noncustodial parent must pay child support at a rate set by Arkansas law. The Sanford Law Firm in Russellville works with divorcing spouses and other parents to explain how the relevant child support provisions apply to them. Our attorneys have six decades of combined experience protecting the rights of children and parents in the establishment of child support terms, and we also advocate strongly for the enforcement and modification of support orders when appropriate.

Established lawyers handle all aspects of child support litigation

If you’re going through a divorce or the end of a relationship with your co-parent, our family law attorneys provide effective counsel on key child support issues such as:

  • How to file — We can help you seek benefits from the Office of Child Support Enforcement and assist in locating noncustodial parents if you are having trouble finding them.
  • Rate determination — The Arkansas child support formula sets a support rate based on the noncustodial parent’s income and the number of minor children he or she has. Payments are intended to cover essential items such as shelter, food, clothing and educational costs. An adjustment is also made for health insurance contributions. We make sure that accurate information is submitted, and any special circumstances are brought to the court’s attention.
  • Fathers’ rights — Support rules aren’t based on a parent’s gender, but in many parenting cases, child custody is awarded to the mother, meaning that the father must pay child support. In these cases, we defend fathers from unfair allegations regarding hidden income or failure to pay.

Any delay can hurt your ability to care properly for your child, so don’t hesitate to get the help you need from a qualified attorney.

Skilled advocates work to enforce and modify child support orders

Changes in income or family status can make an existing child support order unfair, but you are not allowed to address that inequity by simply refusing to pay what you owe. If a noncustodial parent is affected by an income shift or has another child, we can seek an appropriate adjustment through the court. Our firm also takes assertive action to enforce obligations that haven’t been met: the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled in our favor by deciding that interest must be paid on back payments for child support — resulting in a final judgment three times that of the original support amount due.

Contact an Arkansas lawyer to make an appointment regarding a child support issue

The Sanford Law Firm advises Arkansas parents on child support matters and other family law issues. Please call 479-880-0088 or contact us online to make an appointment at our Russellville office or our Little Rock location.

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